With a view to purchasing a new car, several means are available to the buyer. One of them is to go through a dealer.

What is a dealer?

From a generalized definition, a dealer refers to an independent trader who acquires from another trader devices to be marketed in a specific location. This may be a car, motorcycle or other dealer. The dealer who supplies the goods is then referred to as the licensor. It could be a manufacturer or a wholesaler. To be in perfect agreement, the licensor and the dealer must be bound by a commercial contract called the dealership contract. The latter will not work unless it is based on the personal bond of trust attached to the person or "intuitu personae". To the extent that the purchase of an automobile from a dealer is then possible, the dealer role can be broken down into several parameters. First of all, he receives his customers properly in his car dealership. Before being able to designate the car that suits him, he will first have to ask his needs. This will allow us to advise him on a few models. It should be noted, however, that the dealer does not sell any product of a brand that does not ally itself with him through a dealership contract. In addition to the sale of the car and the advice provided by professionals, you can also benefit from after-sales service at the dealership. Certainly, he has spare parts for the models he sells.

What qualities does a dealer need to have?

Since we are talking about business, it is important that the dealer has the following qualities. First of all, it is imperative to be a good negotiator. It is still not a question of selling to individuals or professionals. However, a non-negligible parameter in the business is above all to come to an agreement with the brand or the licensor. In addition to this, a good salesman will know how to convince, but above all he must be able to advise the customer according to his needs and in accordance with his purchasing capacity. A person can then be designated as a good car dealer when he is sociable, warm and above all attentive to his customers.

What training do I need to become a car dealer?

To become a good car dealer, you will need to have at least a Bac +2 or a BTS in customer relations negotiation following a general baccalaureate. Otherwise, another alternative is to obtain a BTS in technical sales. Otherwise, all car manufacturers train their sales staff to be competent in their brand. This means that they have their own schools. Before launching into a real career in the dealership field then, you will have had to gain some experience.