GPS tracker

Can thieves disable GPS tracker?

As the use of GPS tracking devices becomes more widespread, such as Georide, there is an increasing risk that thieves will attempt to disable them in order to avoid detection. There are a number of ways to disable a GPS…

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How to choose motorcycle boots?

Special motorcycle boots are required to ensure the safety of motorcyclists. They serve to protect from bad weather and falls and at the same time they are a fashionable piece of clothing. These boots are reinforced on the outside and…

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How to choose your motorcycle gloves?

A motorcyclist’s wardrobe includes a few essentials, namely gloves. They ensure both your safety and your comfort. This is why they are one of the most widely used items of equipment for motorcyclists. However, it is not easy to find…

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How to choose the right motocross clothing?

If you practice motocross, whether it’s just for fun or for professional reasons, you need to protect yourself. The slightest motocross fall can cause injuries and fractures that can be irreversible. Even if you are in perfect control of your…

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