How to change the tires on your motocross bike?

Published on : 08 June 20203 min reading time

After a few thousand kilometres of riding on the most dangerous roads, the tires of a motocross bike will wear out and offer less and less stability. At some point, they will be completely worn out and without any grip on the road. Driving in such conditions is not recommended. It is now imperative to change your wheels. To do so, no machine or outside intervention is required. It is quite possible to do it yourself. Getting your hands dirty is much more fun and economical.

First step: Disassemble the wheel

Changing a wheel is done in stages and to change the tyres of a motocross bike, you have to equip yourself beforehand. You’ll need some basic equipment, commonly found in the toolbox. Make sure you have everything you need, make sure there is a chamber or a foam bib. Four tire levers won’t be too much for this disassembly. Then, the tyre changer and the set of keys are also indispensable. A WD40 type grease will make the work much easier. Finally, you will of course need new tyres. This first step is the easiest, as you only have to loosen the axle. When the crown has come off, remove the wheel.

Step 2: Pull out the tyre completely

At ground level, it is necessary to exert pressure on the wheel so that it pulls away from the rim. This is where the greasy product comes into play. Now it’s going to be a bit more complicated. You’re going to place the tyre levers in the right place. Around the rim, this tool will detach the tyre from the rim. To do so, put the gripster and the valve in position and make sure not to damage the rims during the intervention. The important thing is not to finish quickly, but to succeed in disassembling the tyre without breaking it. To completely detach the wheel, you will have to take out the first sidewall without rushing. The second side requires enough force and a hammer will act as a lever.

Last step: Place the new wheel

Put it on the ground, the rim and the crown must be well greased with a mounting cream to avoid any unexpected injury. This step is done in the opposite direction of the last two. Thus, we will start by putting the tire back into the rim. By applying sufficient pressure, the first sidewall will retract without any problem. Then put the valve on the inner tube. For the second sidewall, the gripster is inserted beforehand. The next step is to inflate the inner tube. Now all that remains is to replace the wheel in the opposite direction. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

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