Special motorcycle boots are required to ensure the safety of motorcyclists. They serve to protect from bad weather and falls and at the same time they are a fashionable piece of clothing. These boots are reinforced on the outside and inside. Thus, they protect the ankle, foot and shin. It is therefore essential to choose your motorcycle boots carefully. This article presents the criteria to consider before choosing a pair.

Safety and comfort

Ensure your safety with a covering type with external and internal reinforcements. Rely on the CE rule which estimates the level of safety by means of impact resistance and abrasion tests to guarantee you optimum protection. Also check if your boots are validated according to European standards. They must have reinforcements in the malleoli, ankles and toes to optimise the foot's defence. After safety, comfort is also an element to be taken into account. It is best to try the boots on before buying them. Make sure your foot is not too tight and free to move around in them and lift your heel. It is also necessary to leave a gap between the boot and your toes and choose boots with comfort soles.


For long distance or regular trips, a pair of waterproof motorcycle boots is highly recommended. A waterproof membrane of very good quality is frequently found in the motorcycle package, which allows moisture to escape. However, it is necessary to check that the membrane is breathable to prevent the plastic bag effect. Leather naturally offers waterproof characteristics to keep your feet dry for longer. The other models are made of basic synthetic material. These models are more economical, but not as resistant as leather. They can be very uncomfortable because of the folds in the material.

Size and ventilation

The boots need to be adjusted according to the size of your calf, ankle and foot. Always try the boots on before you buy to see if they fit. It's best to try them on at the end of the day, as feet often tend to swell. That way you can be sure they will be comfortable. If you want to buy them online, consider the exchange tactic offered by the shop first in case the boots don't fit. Or choose a size larger than your own. Ventilation is also important, especially during the warmer seasons. There are a few models of motorcycle boots with air intakes that allow a small flow of air into the boot.