Choosing the right motorcycle model for your needs

When you want to buy a motorcycle, you need one that will satisfy you and be suitable for you. To do this, you need to consider the characteristics of your future partner, i.e. its fuel (petrol, diesel), weight and power. In addition, don’t hesitate to test ride a motorcycle to understand its handling and comfort. As a side issue, take into account the luggage and maintenance of the motorcycle, this is very important in the long term.

You can also choose motorcycles that suit your personality. If you like the great moto arenas outdoors, away from the asphalt, you can opt for a motocross bike. For those who are keen on competition, except for cross-country and speed races, sporty bikes will offer great satisfaction. If you rather need a motorcycle for everyday or long trips, roadsters will be a good choice. Cruiser bikes are very cool and give you the feeling of American bikers.

When you buy a new motorcycle, you gain peace of mind because motorcycle manufacturers offer a two-year warranty. You’re sure of the condition of your new motorcycle and you’re the one who will break it in as you wish. You also choose its colour.

As mentioned by Moto Buzz, second-hand motorcycles are more affordable, and you are very free on the mechanical maintenance of the motorcycle. Also, a used motorcycle is delivered faster than a new one.

For a biker, it’s not just the bike that counts. To enjoy the road, it’s important to have the right motorcycle accessories. Although you never forget gloves and under-gloves, other biker accessories are a must, as it was mentioned on

Biker safety

The safety of your motorcycle

The comfort of biker clothing

Frequent cleaning ensures the aesthetics of your motorcycle and the proper gearing of its engine.

If your motorcycle needs repairs, leaving it in your garage will not solve the problem.

Overwintering requires good preparation : the oil change, rust inhibitor and motorcycle cover.

Fluid levels and tire condition should and must be checked daily.

For the best

High speed

Test your limits

The outdoors


A dose of adrenaline

In addition to third party insurance, it is interesting to take out different insurance guarantees such as the coverage of the driver’s treatment costs after an accident, as well as fire, theft and damage guarantees .

Think about your safety

To take out insurance, you must present a copy of the motorcycle’s registration document and a copy of your driving licence. Used motorcycles require a certificate of transfer and a copy of previous insurance information.

Make sure you build up your file

Reimbursement by the insurance takes place when an event covered by the contract occurs and is proven. The value of the reimbursement is estimated on a case-by-case basis by the insurer’s experts and then subtracted from the deductible.

Reimbursement by insurance

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